earthcheck_assessed_2012.jpgEarthCheck Assessed

EarthCheck Assessed is a simple online tool that provides a health check and action plan for achieving success and serves as a cost effective way to participate in and measure your sustainable business practices.

company_community_gold_certified_2012.jpgEarthCheck Certified Company

EarthCheck Certified delivers a holistic approach to sustainability which covers every aspect of an operation, by providing a framework for environmental and social sustainability. Our approach has been refined for over a decade to deliver the most effective learning and culture shifting results.

BPDS.PPDS_certified_2012.jpgEarthCheck Sustainable Design

The Building and Precinct Planning and Design Standards assist local governments and developers in the early stages of planning and the design of precincts, buildings and the associated infrastructure. The aim is to achieve ecologically sustainable development (ESD) and to deliver ongoing operational efficiencies. Find out more...

Global-GreenTag-STO.jpgEarthCheck Green Product Guide

EarthCheck has developed a green product guide specifically for the travel and tourism industry. The guide will assist managers and operators to select products and services which meet internationally recognised guidelines for sustainability.


company_community_platinum_certified_2012.jpgEarthCheck Certified Community

The EarthCheck Sustainable Communities Program helps communities achieve world-leading sustainability outcomes in the areas of environment, social and economic benefits. EarthCheck helps communities place a monetary value on preserving heritage, rescuing culture and conserving the natural wonders of tourism destinations.

Bagsy.JPGEarthCheck Schools

EarthCheck’s Sustainability Challenge is a versatile program for school students to manage their household sustainability online. The program is designed for students in both primary and secondary ranging from 10-14 years old, and provides a framework to assist teachers in this process.

Parks.JPGEarthCheck National Parks & Ski Fields

The EarthCheck Parks Environmental Reporting Platform is an online software program which was developed to provide a comprehensive environmental management reporting platform for park operators and ski resorts.

220px-rubik_s_cube_svg_150x156.jpgEarthCheck Training

The EarthCheck Training Academy brings together the cumulative knowledge of leading universities, practitioners in the field and more than a decade of verified operational results. The Academy offers 19 programs, each tailored to meet the real world needs of travel and tourism organisations. Find out more...


EC3 Global offers a total solution for tourism businesses and destinations in responding to the challenges of economic, environmental and social sustainability. The EC3 Global team have a wealth of practical experience in a variety of fields including Corporate Social Responsibility, Carbon Reporting, environmental management, project feasibility, destination management, social and environmental planning, tourism, events and risk management


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